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You Are Who You Are cos….. you are special so DARE to be different

You Are Who You Are cos….. you are special so DARE to be different

Note to oneself… know  that we were all created different by the Lord God Almighty…so if people have a problem with who you are, tell them to go take it up with the one who made you!!

To everyone who have been called different or unique or to those who feel like they are different or unique…..this message goes to you all.

Remember that you are who you are, after all who else can you be? Ask them If you cannot change for me then why should I change for you? Please don’t waste your life being someone you cannot be because you are not fake by nature or by person ( what you see is what you get ). Say to them “I am unwilling to break for you so get used to what you see, because I am going to be me today, tomorrow and always”.

Don’t forget that no one can change you( not even one or two people can change you if you are true to yourself)  you are you so stay that way  because every day is a new day and you need not fade away. You will know you are loved or in love when those who surround you accept you for who you are but you also have to accept them too for who they are because we all are different and unique in our own ways.

Try to be what you want to be, and always remember that No one can make you be what or who you don’t want to be.

Do you remember the Late Great Princess Diana (when you get a chance Google this video the Legend of Princess  Diana and watch the interview)…she is my ultimate role model for this particular  and i can relate to what she said in that interview so well. You all know she married into the royal family, while married she was constantly humiliated and intimidated and belittled because she  chose to be different and unique by refusing to conform to the archaic tradition of the royal house. Princess Diana wanted to be the people’s person, she wanted to meet and hang with the people not live in the palace and eat tea and cake like Marie Antoinette of France (I hope y’all know your history). Diana wanted to mingle with the people and because of that she was cast aside by the Queen mother, she was deem difficult and unruly, she was isolated and ignore, but you see what the failed to see was that Diana didn’t need the royal house to be considered legend, her being unique and different, made he a bespoke legend of our time till today. Now that same Diana the Queen mother disregarded has now turned around to apologise for the way she had treated Diana then, because today she has seen the effect and impact that uniqueness and difference Diana brought has had on the royal family especially with her Sons Princes William and Harry who are now following in the exact footsteps of the late mother of being unique and different.

Ok let’s go biblical, remember Daniel and his friends who refused to bow down to the Baal God. Jesus Christ refused to be conformed to the old ways of the Old Testament but instead brought a new way and light ( ok so Jesus Christ is the epitome of a Great Role Model to emulate) which is who we all are striving to be like.


Take me for example…..

I am different, I have always been different ( and darn proud of it by the way ) sure I struggled for a while to accept  my difference but now I can stand proud and say I am different. You might say why are you proud and happy to be different ? My reply… being  different means you are more open minded and aware of things, it means you embrace all things different and unique, it means you think outside the box and not conformed to one norm. It means you appreciate the many talents of others around you and accept them for who they are not isolate and segregate them just because they are not just like u. it means you make better decisions because you are opened to hear what others bring to the table because no one person knows it all. But most of all being different means you get to live life to the fullest because this life is an incredible adventure which you will get to enjoy in full zest if only you embrace all the beauties it has to offer. So  why won’t I be proud?

Being different has not always be easy, it has caused issues in the past such as; I have always had a problem fitting in, or not  having many friends. I have been  called all sorts of names from ‘Goody two shoes’ to  ‘Book worm’ to ‘Introvert’ to  “I go to church every day” , people have spoken ill about me behind my back and sometimes right in my face , but you know what?  I have gotten used it.  That don’t  mean their words don’t hurt like hell ( a lot of times actually that it breaks my heart every time). I am always the odd one out; at least that is how they constantly make me feel when they get the chance, the worse is that this happens to me by those I consider friends  or fellow church mates or work colleagues or school mates or even family…its always those close to isn’t it? They always find a way to cast me aside especially when I need them the most. They try to intimidate me, bully me or belittle me all because they have deemed me different from them, I am shunned and picked on and as such I am left lonely and secluded most times just because I refuse to conform to their own  way of thinking or way of life. I am sharing this because I want you to know that if you are just like me then guess what you are not alone. There are more people like us trust me. But I want you to know today that in as much as I feel this way all the time, I am Hopeful that SOMEDAY soon I will be accepted for BEING MYSELF  by those who are willing to accept me for me. I have hope and faith that someday very soon and somewhere out there are people who would love me JUST THE WAY I AM. I have no doubt because if God loves me just as I am… there has to be someone out who feels just the same.


It is funny because we as individuals have never really understood the concept of being unique  or to be called ‘one of a kind’ or said to be ‘irreplaceable’ or even have someone say ‘nothing can take your place’, to me though these kinda sound lonely, don’t you think?  So we always wonder what it would be like to be someone else, until one day we realise that every unique person leaves a unique void which is like trying to finish a puzzle with the wrong pieces and in the end the piece  ends up being a misshapen from years of constantly trying to fit in someone else’s unique place…a place where you just don’t belong.

So we find ourselves asking….’why do I wish to be normal?’ ‘why should I live by the standards of the world?’ ‘ why act robotic so that I won’t be ridiculed by society or the community of friends I surround myself with?’

I say to all of us STOP with the Why and focus on how  we can  paint the world a beautiful array of colours by being different and unique. Instead of living in black and white shade all the time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you being unique and singular and interesting. It is very much  ok to be different, flowing and free so please guys be yourself, be unique because you only get to live this life once.

I end with this little poem that says…

We may have the same eyes; but I use mine differently

We may have the same heart; but I use mine differently

I am different cause I do things differently

I am different cause I wear things differently

I may stand out differently in many ways but you know what  I LOVE IT!!

And I love being different….

Because I  was born different and I am damn well proud of it and if you’ve got a problem with it …then do me a favour and take it up with the one who made me this way.. the Lord God Almighty!!!

God bless and remember…..Ain’t nothing wrong with being different and unique!!!

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