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A trip to the Italian Capital

A trip to the Italian Capital


So as you all know by now I love to travel. I love to learn new cultures, traditions and languages and so whenever I get a chance to travel, I take it without thinking twice. And to be honest it feels darn good to just get out there and experience something new and different and to just be adventurous. I strongly advice that you do this is you are opportune.

So anyway as a person who absolutely loves to travel, I have compiled a “bucket-list” of places I would love to visit before I am called up to meet the Lord hopefully when am very old and grey.

One the places on my bucket list was an ancient City by the name of ROMA OR ROME( as called by us English people). I was blessed to be have the opportunity to go visit this spectacular place 2 yrs ago and I must say to you all…it is definitely a place to visit before you “kick the bucket”.

Brief History
Rome as you all should know is the capital of Italy, (if you don’t know it then why the heck do you go to school?) and for those of you who are now African Irish and have the red passport it is under the EU ( unlike UK now) so you do not need a visa to get there. You just money! It is also an ancient city with so many historic buildings and history. It is classic and elegant and don’t forget it was built way before Jesus was even born so you can imagine a city still standing two and the half thousand years later. Again for those of you that go to school and listen to your teachers, you will know that the Roman empire was once a World Power in those days.
Any for those of you interested in Architecture and Classical history…..trust me when I say you are going to the right place. I love classical history and ancient architecture so to me I was in heaven.

Anyway so let me give you the gist of the places I visited. Where do I start from….
Ok so I flew from Dublin Airport to Fiumicino Airport and upon getting to the arrivals hopped into a taxi and thinking it was just going to be my mum and I on the taxi… we were surprised to see that taxi in Rome was like Nigerian taxi where the take more passengers than just you. So began our journey to our different hotels. As the driver drove through the busy city of Roma we got to sight see some areas of the city as well. Not bad really!! The driver went about dropping passengers in there various hotels and our hotel was the farthest so we were the last people to be dropped( by the way the drive like crazy too in Rome…honestly it felt like we were in Lagos, the honking and the poor traffic warden dude that was navigating traffic and the manic driving chai…..there was God ohh!!). We got to our hotel which was not bad to be honest and got settled in. we went down for dinner which happened to be pasta( by the way this is Rome Italy..birth place of pasta. Spaghetti and pizza so that is all you are going to eat for the duration of your stay)So if you are one of those bush people that don’t eat Italian food I suggest you find any place to visit. By the way ROME is hot as Africa.. ( we are looking at temps between 20- 35 degrees during summer)
The next day , the adventure began. We got the train to the city centre and bought 3 days hop -on hop -off bus ticket. This particular tour bus takes you to all the main Rome attractions.
First attraction we came to was the Pantheon

This building is one of the oldest and best preserved ancient buildings and today it is used as church known as the Santa Maria Rotonda and the square in front there is called the Piazza della Rotunda.

I don’t know what to say than that I was in awe… you see I studied Classical studies for my Leaving Cert so seeing all these building I had spent 2 years learning about was a dream come through for moi.

Then came the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

This is another Church, now in case you are wondering…. Don’t forget that Rome is the base for Catholic Christians all over the world, this is where the Pope lives… in the Vatican City…but don’t worry I will get to that as we go on in this Roman Tour.
Truth be told I didn’t go in here, I just took picture with the building because it was pretty.

Moving on, next stop was the Palatine Hill

This was an ancient Ruins that was not far from the famous Circus Maximus and it is part of the seven Hills of Rome. It was gated and so we were not allowed in at the time we were on holidays but I hope the next time I visit cos I most definitely would be going back to Rome… I would get to go in.
Next was the Piazza Navona

For this square to be truly appreciated you have to go at night time. It is stunning, the fountain is lighted and it gives it this very romantic vibe… I wished I was there with my love one and not my mother trust me…its is beautiful. Its also a great place to eat and listen to Italian folk music and just chill and relax. The surrounding buildings…dear Lord were fabulous.

Then there is the Circus Maximus…well what its left of it.
The before picture ( this is what the Circus Maximus looked like in ancient times)

This is what it looks like today. The Circus Maximus was used for chariot racing in the old days like in the film Gladiator. Today people walk around it for exercise, some days it is used as market place for ice cream and fruits and some days events are held there.

Now the fun begins, next stop is the very famous Trevi Fountain

This place is absolutely a must to be visited whether at day time but best a night time. The atmosphere around this fountain this mesmerising with the shops and restaurants and music and it helps that the fountain is said to be a lovers fountain…(if you are a hopeless romantic like me) legend has it that when you visit this fountain, you have to make a wish and throw a coin and your wish would come through not sure how true that is cos am still waiting for my wish to come through. But whatever the legend this fountain is stunning and romantic and the background of those sculptures are fantastic.

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