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Same Script Different Cast.

Same Script Different Cast.

Ok so I know I am not meant to judge one guy based on the actions of others but common its kinda hard not too when they all seem to possess similar trait. I am beginning to wonder if there really is a Bro code manual somewhere that all guys must read and adhere to.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are just dating and u notice that every guy you go on a date with is saying exactly the same thing? Or when you are in a relationship and you having a deja vu moment again because everything your man is telling you is exactly what the last guy, hell maybe even the last two dudes said to you.

I noticed that all my last three relationships all said similar things to me in the cause of me being with them. I have heard the “you’re my one and only” “no one can be compared to you”, the “ I going to marry you someday” speech oh and the classic “ I will never  cheat on you baby…..i am not that kinda guy and I have way too much respect for you to be that kinds boyfriend” (yet 2 out of 3 of them have managed to cheat on me ) worst is they move on to the next girl and pull the same crap on her. Putting it on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, I just get the odd urge to say to the new girl…” Gurl don’t believe that Crap cos its all Bulls***.  Same Script different cast”. But I have self-respect so I just mind me own business.  But all the same it does kinda suck to see that there is no more originality in the world.

To get a good decent man is soo damn hard. How do you know who is good or who is just a phoney? How can one distinguish the good from the bad. What do you consider when choosing the right man? I know there is no such thing as a perfect man….even if there was one I still wouldn’t choose him cos there would always be a flaw somewhere lurking… but surly there must be a near perfect guy… the Gideon Crosses and Christian Greys of the real world… flawed and probably damaged but fantastic lovers and damn good men with heart and soul and depth. Don’t forget established moguls. Now I want me one of those. If found, please send my way.

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