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The Mask

The Mask

Do you ever feel like you are a constantly having to wear a mask of plastic happiness to always cover your sadness or that your beliefs are hidden from most?

I can guarantee you that you are not alone.

I am afraid of, but yet willing to face the unknown, wondering where my place is in this life.

I have come close to sharing myself but never completely revealing anything to anyone

Feelings of invisible chains corner me all the time. When I dream, reality always has a way of shattering before my very eyes and the accomplishments I strive for are just at hands grasp.

I feel lost sometimes, not yet finding my notch in this world. At times the glimmer in my eyes slowly disappear. But within my heart a silent flame burns me inside and out.

 I roam day by day, playing roles……strength unknowingly resides in me

History repeats itself once again.  The translucent veil I so proudly wear………little by little answers will come, pushing it aside.

One day there will be no more mask for me to wear. One day my beliefs will be known; one day I’ll know my place in this life. One day I’ll share myself.


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