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A Trip to Belfast

A Trip to Belfast

 For the 15 years that I have been in Ireland, I have never been anywhere else except for Dublin where I live. I travel to various other countries but have never really explored the country I now call home. So for this year, I decided….ah well I best go see the famous Belfast that has produced the Titanic and that is constant in war with each other.

So I packed my bags and set off for a few days of exploring good ol’ Belfast and I must say it wasn’t all it was cut out to be.

I took the Bus Eireann and set of on my hour and half journey all through the journey which basically was driving through the countryside all I saw were green pastures and a whole lot of cows, sheeps and few pigs, ocassionally  I caught sight of the mountains and at times inhale the foul smell of cow dung. Yet something about the greenery made me feel at peace and calm. When I got to Belfast, it did in fact feel like I flew into the United Kingdom but honestly that was as excited as it got.

I got to the bus station, got off and went out straight out to get the taxi to my hotel called Premier Inn in Titanic Quarter. The hotel was good and situated in a really good location just behind the docks ( the view behind the hotel) and was literally 5mins walk to the Titanic Museum. On day one upon arrival I just chilled in the hotel, ordered food and relaxed after all I was on holiday.

The next day I got up and got ready, went down for breakfast and then headed out for my exploration. At the reception of my hotel I purchased a ticket for a hop on hop off tour bus to take me to all the Belfast attraction . Boy was that a waste!! I went out to catch the bus only to find the belfast Gardai had closed off the street where my hotel was and when a bunch of us asked what was going on we were told there was a bomb threat nearby the that the suspect was being reprimanded. Now that was exciting!!! As a result of this disturbance the Titanic Museum was closed down till further notice. So I headed across the side of the street to catch my tour bus and when I got in, the tour began. First we were taken to the Parliament building by the road ahead u looking at is a mile long and the building is on top of a hill. That was as cool as it got. Now we were told the history of the building and also were told that we could come down and go explore but I didn’t see the point in wasting 2hrs looking at parliament house however if ever you find yourself there and you’re into politics don’t hesitate to check it out and let me know what its like.

After that we headed to Queen’s university  and the botanic Garden   again if flowers and kisses are your thing then you are in heaven. The rest of the ride on the tour bus was just about Belfast and about the constant war between Catholics and protestants, about communists and unionist or was it nationalists and unionist…ah well… guess in need to brush up on my Irish history, there was a peace gate that somehow reminded me of the Berlin Wall and there were lots of walls murals on their street wall telling stories of the Wars and Heroes of Belfast like this .

 Our next stop was a place called the Crumlin Gaol which was a Jail House this place gave me the chills and the creeps. It was museum of how they killed and hung people in the old times…sheesh… if you are into death and 101 ways to kill someone then this is the place for you. You will feel right at home

(For more pictures of what the inside looks like go to Trip Advisor). Next stop was just the city centre for those of you who like shopping. But be warned you are likely to see Dunnes store and Debehams so I suggest you leave the shopping to Blanchardstown or Dundrum. This was the finally stop for the tour like I said Belfast is BORING!! At this point we asked the tour guide if the Titanic Museum was now open and he confirmed it was all clear and so began our trip back to the Titanic.

Now I must point out that as far magnificent building goes this museum ain’t all that. You cannot compare it to half of the Cathedrals alone in Italy let alone the Colosseum however as far as Belfast is concerned, if you do indeed find yourself visiting, it is a place to go see if you are smart enough to get my drift. It cost £15.50 to go in and at first the beginning of the titanic tour is so boring and so technical but again if you are into  ship building and all then you are in the right place, but as the tour continued it got quiet interesting, you get to the what the actual ship was like, u get to read biographies of those that died and those that survived the magnificent unsinkable ship that eventually sank, you get to hear the voice of those who made it to New York, you get to see what the ship was like, how the rooms and cabins, the kinda plates and cups they drank with. There is this ride within the tour that shows you how the ship was built with bare hands. It is quite an extraordinaire story. And sad all at the same time. To say that the Famous Titanic is all that would be a slight exaggeration however, consider Belfast is a small city and Irish at that I would recommend that the museum and its surroundings are worth a visit if you do get the chance. There are also boat rides around the around if you feel like doing the whole Jack and Rose moment from the movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslate.

But seriously visit the site.  that brings me to the end  of my Belfast tour. The next day  I packed my bags and headed home to my Molly Malone.

I do have plans to return back to Northern Ireland, but this time am head to Co. Antrium to visit the Giant Causeway , climb the bridgeif  I have guts to do it and visit the site for the Game Of Thrones as I am a huge fan of the TV Show.

So if you are up for an adventure in the Northern Ireland and are a daredevil at heart give me a buzz and we all go to the Giant Causeway and see the beauty that is Ireland which we all call home now.


God bless.


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