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The Chronicles Of Past Relationships

The Chronicles Of Past Relationships

I have decided to write about a few of my past relationships over the years….so Guys here we go …


Book 1:  My First Young Love


I was 16 years old when I had my first real boyfriend (for the sake of privacy let’s call him F)

F and I use to attend same church.  He was the church drummer and I was a member of the church choir (we made sweet music together…get it?? Maybe not) any hoooo….F was actually a great guy, we were young and innocent. Well I was anyway can’t really speak for him as at that time. I was soo excited to be in my first relationship. We were young and naïve. Our idea of a good time was going to the cinema, taking walks at the parks, holding hands and going for ice cream…such innocence. And on the rare occasion we shared a kiss it was like magic ….in my case was like eating chocolate. I treasured it.

We were doing so well together until a few months into the relationship he had to move to the USA. We made childish promises of how we were going to keep in touch and do the whole long distance relationship thing( as if) we declared our love for each other and he even promised to come back and marry me ( LORD have mercy).

Anyway all these promises were made and I wish I could say we now are married with 3 kids but no alas it was not meant to be for 2 weeks later after he left for USA my young love found that there are more bigger titties and booties  in the state and I was forgotten like last Sunday’s dinner. No harm done he is a friend of mine on Facebook and he seem to have made it well and even has a beautiful baby girl so I wish him all the best in life.


Book 2:  Early Bird Sweethearts


This is the story of another boyfriend (again for the sake of privacy we call him J)

J and I kinda knew each other cos both our mothers were friends. So in a way we grew up together.  J was an all-around good guy ( you know pastor’s kid and all) then again it’s always the pastor’s kid u have to watch out for (wink wink).

Anyway J and I were just an ordinary couple. You know being innocent and hanging out. To be honest, this particular relationship felt more like a friendship than anything else but I guess that is because we were sort of familiar with each other. He was at that my best friend. I felt safe with him and could confide in him…however as the relationship progress I started to find myself fall real deep into a personal dark hole. I was struggling emotionally.

I was lost and confused and couldn’t deal at all (Let’s just say I was in a dark place). At this time, I just wanted to hole up and hide. I shut down emotionally and physically. I became distance and when J came in to confront me about what was going on, I tried to explain but to me it felt like all J wanted was to see the happy smiley Dee. I felt like I could not communicate my real feelings to him.

He wanted to go back to the old way, the problem at this point was that I was changing. I was a different person. Relationships after all were about loving the good, the bad and the ugly. That is loving one when they are happy, sad, angry or just plain old crazy…right??

Well I put an end to this relationship with J cos I felt like am not really being my full self with him, I was only being half in fact 1/3rd of myself.

Unfortunately, the end of this quiet and stable relationship brought about the beginning of what I like to call A Series of Unfortunate Relationships……



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