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What your Bra Snaps says about your Personality

What your Bra Snaps says about your Personality

SO this is for all my Ladies out there…..LOL

I recently read an article titled “How the way you put on your Bra reveals intimate details about your personality”. Personally I think it a lot of BS!!! LOL, but hey that is just me I want to know your thoughts on this topic.


Basically, the article states that;

  1. If you are the kind of lady that snaps their bra on the back i.e. Fasten your bra behind-the-back…. You tend to be a submissive and a supporter (sounds a like a 50 shades of nonsense to me) anyway…back to the article…so yeah… a submissive and supporter which means you don’t like change, you’re friendly, thoughtful and a great listener.
  2. If you fasten your bra at the front and then rotate it (like I do) then you are an influencer. Which means you are charismatic, love to be noticed and appreciated. You appreciate a good sense of humour, you like to be challenged and learn new things. (ok so this is not quite wrong as it is quite me in fact) but still BS!!
  3.  If you use a front-clasping bra, you are said to be commanding, brevity, efficient. You tend to be directing, forceful and commanding and have a fear of lack of control.
  4. If you fasten your bra before sliding it over your head then you are considered a careful corrector and you make sure you do things right, you’re a cautious analyser by nature and crave lengthy explanations and statistical evidence.

So girlies WHAT YA THINK?? Rubbish or true?? Hit me with your thoughts and let me know

which one you are 1, 2, 3 or 4

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