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The Epiphany

The Epiphany

OK so in April 2015 (Date forgotten), I had an epiphany well my version of epiphany. I finally get it. As an only child, I have always been on my own. Most people who are like me (only child) would have loved to be surrounded by people so as to not feel alone but not me. Growing up I was shielded, protected and guarded as a result I have always struggled to belong to somewhere or someone or even to some people.

I have now learned to accept the fact that I am different and unique. I am one a kind and over the years I have put myself down just so I fit in with the cliques, the norms and the expected if u know what I mean). I have lowered myself to fit into groups and to just plain belong and somehow in all these effort I never really fit in. It finally hit me that I don’t have to lower myself or put myself down to fit in no more especially people I have absolutely nothing in common with. So I ask myself…Dee why are you struggling so hard to fit in when all u can do really is just be you. Because you are kind, you are smart and you are beautiful and most of all you can’t be anyone but you.

I know believe that somewhere out there in this big but yet small world is someone or some people who are like me and are made to be my friends for life, and I know I live my life knowing that one day real soon I will get to meet likeminded people. I have that much hope and faith that I will find my real mates.

No more will I cheapen myself just to fit in or belong.

No Mas!!!

In the words of Rupaul (the Drag queen)….” Now if you don’t love yourself….how the hell are you going to love someone else” can I get an Amen!!!!

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