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Married Life and Happy Wife

Married Life and Happy Wife

So the other day I was having a conversation with a work colleague who said she was married and had 2 beautiful sons. However, in the course of our discussion about marriage and love and all that (seeing that I am as single as it gets and fantasize about husband and kids….), she mentioned in all seriousness that if a handsome and wealthy guy came her way she would ditch her husband and grab her sons and run off with the handsome and wealthy dude. Now can I ask if that is a right thinking on her part?? I mean what could make a woman think like that? Those that statement mean she is not happy in her marriage or does she believe that she settled for less? If that is the case then why get into that kind of relationship in the first place?

Are we as humans now feeling the pressure to get married that we jump into relationships and settle for less than what we want just because society now demands for us to be married and have kids at a certain age??

Is there no such thing as true love any more or is that now so overrated also just like everything else in this life?? Do people marry for love or for lust or just out of necessity??

What are your thoughts people?

Be honest and remember this is not an avenue to be rude or a bully…that would not be tolerated. We all friends here and entitled to our opinions.

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