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Does Size Matter???

Does Size Matter???

Okay, so this is an old and well-exhausted issue that for years has been debated to the very core but once again it was resurrected by a recent conversation with some male pals of mine. So in the course of talking I was asked again why is it that “size” matters to us women?? Apparently he had been rejected by a girl he was dating for being well… “Endowed”. This was so confusing to him as he assumed that is what all girls want…a dude who is generously blessed. Now I counter-argued that size also does matter to boys, the size of a girl’s chest, waist and even dress size does matter, it is all a matter of preference.

Some like big, others small, and others don’t give a hoots as long as they have someone to care for them.

What say you guys…help me put it to rest once and for all?

So in today’s world does size really determine the person you want to be with or is it more to do with the content of one’s heart and mind that really matters?

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